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Tuukka Junnikkala
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Tuukka Junnikkala I must say this album might be a contender for my favorite Symbion Project album to date. And not just because my cousin appears on track three.

This is one of those albums that feels like a cohesive whole. There's an emotional thread that runs through the record and speaks to the listener. The music is refreshing and honest, and it's honestly been a long time since a record took me into its own world the way Arcadian did.

Turn off the lights, close your eyes and turn up the music.
Larry Fine
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Larry Fine It's impossible to choose a favorite track from this album that represents the culmination of Kasson's years of experimentation in downtempo, EDM, synthpop, and trip. Featuring brilliant, ethereal, and pillow-soft enveloping vocals from Melissa Kaplan, Briana Marela, and other top singers, it ties together the diverse and immersive sound of Symbion Project into a nice, flowing album that a listener of any preference can relax and enjoy. At once deep and abstract, it's for everyone.
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    The 2009 album "Misery in Soliloquy" is also available in Quad surround as well on either DVD/CD or digital download. Be sure to check out the Quad Special if you plan on buying both as you'll save some $$!

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Bittersweet indie-electronic songs about escape, alternate universes, and heartache. Features a variety of talented singers and instrumentalists.

"Such Letting Go is Love" is dedicated in fond memory of Kristen Stark.


released September 9, 2016

Arcadian, Beekeeper's Muse, You Remain,
Cut Through the Noise, & Mikros Kosmos
Written & performed by Kasson Crooker (BMI)

Napoleon, Venus
Written by Kasson Crooker & Melissa R Kaplan (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Melissa R Kaplan (BMI)

Written by Kasson Crooker & Markus Junnikkala (Teosto)
Vocals & lyrics by Markus Junnikkala

Such Letting Go is Love
Written by Kasson Crooker & Geoffrey Klok
Classical guitar by Geoffrey Klok

Beekeeper’s Muse
Additional synth & drum programming by Jon Drukman
French horns performed by Gus Sebring & Abe Owen
Horns engineered by Dan Sebring

The Charmed
Written by Kasson Crooker & Jenni Potts (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Jenni Potts

You Remain
Background vocals by Melissa R Kaplan

Stainless Endless Radiance (Arcadian Mix)
Written by Kasson Crooker & Briana Marela (BMI)
Vocals & lyrics by Briana Marela
Briana Marela appears courtesy of Jagjaguwar
Published by Speed of Dark Music (BMI)
& Holy Sphere Music (BMI) administered
by Covertly Canadian Publishing (BMI)

Watercolor and lasercut design by Yancy Way
Mastered by Dave Locke/JP Masters



all rights reserved


Symbion Project Seattle, Washington

Musique électronique sophistiquée pour les auditeurs exigeants

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Track Name: Napoleon (feat. Melissa R Kaplan)

An ode to the false feathering
This tar isn't so wasteful
An eldest of sophistry
"My lycorine visage is hollow"

Over these oceans ignis fatuus followed
Own them
And savor every sound don't let them out
Never mind those cyanide fables
Inlaid in your silver tongue

Those oils you've been caught peddling
Leaves scars thick as ship cables
An eldest of sophistry
Your Lycorine silence is hollow

Your napoleon wasteland smacks of bitter salt under heavy fire
Those stolen spirits of the lost and bereaved cry out

Over these oceans
Tort'ed Persephone followed
Cage them
And savor every sound
Don't let them out
Never mind those cyanide fables
Inlaid in your, inlaid in your silver tongue
Track Name: The Charmed (feat. Jenni Potts)
I went to meet you in the city
I could feel you drawing near
I was soaked in fallen raindrops
Served me well to hide my tears

Could you reach deep down inside me
Put hands into my core
Work your fingers my organs
And pull out the piece of evil

I don’t want to feel the pain of
Everything I did before

Nothing makes like you do
You’re the strongest force I know
If I could do something right to get to you soon
Would you please tell me

I feel you when I turn off
my mind and I’m all heart
Strong blows the curtains off
Everything falls apart

I can open my heart
I can stay here in the light
I can read the words of life
But would you talk when I lose my eyes

Would you finally lift me up
Would you finally take my hand
I’ve been reaching for so long
Don’t think I’ll stop until you come
Track Name: Venus (feat. Melissa R Kaplan)
lay her down
in fields of clover
she's weighted down
in sulfur and heartache
bring April rains...
for your sons and daughters
they love in vain
(in vain)

were you ever giving?
reclaim us
and fix what needs fixing…

(background vocals)
you spin backwards
no companion moon
to waltz with
absent magnet
how earn'st thy name?
how earn'st thy name?
short years, long days
how earn'st thy name?

Sierra crown
drips emeralds and diamonds
in ember gowns
her train drags in phases
did once you reign?
in bounty and oceans?

misnomered and missing
reclaim us
please fix what needs fixing…

oh sweet venus
have you given up?
lay her down...

just a man made myth of beauty and love
You spin backwards
no lunar companion to waltz with
no magnets attraction
that one moon was tragic
it pushed you down down down down down
out of bounds

Moons hit and run
thrown counter to the sun
thru her life filled clouds
a molten surface shrouds
Reclaim us!
Lay her down…
Thrown light years out of bounds
(lay her down)
Explain this …
Just a man made myth of beauty and love?